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International Trade-In Program Binge Box TV 2020

International Trade-In Program Binge Box TV 2020

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International Trade-In Program

Binge Box TV 2020

$109.00 w/code trade40

Limited Time Only “Discover the Future of Entertainment”

StreamOn Version 7

Qualifying Trades - Amazon Fire Sticks, Roku,  Apple TV, Amazon TV Box, NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV, Grekos, Binge Box 2013 to 2019,and any Android TV Box 

Up to 3 Units per Order for $15.00 Shipping.

We want the world to be able to take advantage of our Version 7 and above programming, so we came up with a program that will allow all Non-Binge Box TV Units an affordable option to get one of our 2020 Binge Box TV Units.  It's the $149.00 trade-up program! Here is how it works.

If you own a Non Binge Box TV Unit, NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV, Grekos, Binge Box 2013 to 2019, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Sticks, Roku, or any Android TV Box , we will take that unit in on trade on a new Binge Box TV 2020 unit and all you pay is $149.00 plus $15.00 shipping (Covers shipping of the New Box To You and your Old box Back to us).  Now That's a DEAL.

  1. You first need to email customer support ( with your name, address, telephone number and the type of unit you will be trading and how many, or (check-out online than email with your order number and what you will be trading.)
  2. Customer support will email you an invoice for you to complete the purchase.  (Does not apply to online orders)
  3. Once you pay for the order we will ship your New Binge Box 2020 along with a return padded envelope for you to send us the old unit back. (US Residents Only, NON-US email support for actual shipping charges)
  4. Once you receive your unit and hook it up you will send your old unit back to us in 3 business days in the padded envelope (postage paid) we provided you.  Simple

Make sure you KEEP your mouse and USB chip for we will not be sending a mouse with your order.  (Unit, Power Cord and Remote is all we need to be sent back to us)

You will receive a Brand New Binge Box TV 2020 Unit which includes, the Brand New Boxed 2020 unit, power cord, HDMI cable, and Remote. (mouse not included)  If you have a  mouse or USB Remote (make sure you keep the USB chip) or purchase a new one separately. Link (#1 Remote Version 7).

Binge Box TV 2020 units are StreamON Version 7 and have Dual User Interface (Android and Stream On).  H.264 and H.265 processing power. 2 gig ram (3x cache) and 16 gig rom (memory) which is REQUIRED to Update to version of our programming past Version 7.

Read the articles below and watch the H.264 vs H.265 Video.

H.264 vs H.265 read

H.264 vs H.265 Video

Why is the Binge Box TV 2020 unit Superior to my Unit?

*Trade-In Program  - US Residents - Up to 3 units per order for 1 shipping charge. All other Countries email support for shipping charges prior to purchase.  All sales final. No returns on Trade-In program.