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Latest Update 07/20/2019:  Please unplug your unit and plug back in for changes to take Effect.  Scroll below for more!

Version 6.5 Read More      

Version 7 Read More    

Binge Box TV Units Have the H.265 Processor!  Does your Unit?  

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Summer Cleanse for all NON Binge Box TV Units

NBeeTV, FTVFL, SOLTV and Grekos unit owners need to perform the Summer Cleanse on your units to make sure there is room for Version 6.5 (If not done your unit will not accept the new Version in September)  Version 6.5 Read More

Never delete ASTVB and  Never do a factory reset to your unit!  

Binge Box TV 2020 Units Need do Nothing.  Your system is already set for Version 7.

Version 7 Read More

Program removal, get rid of broken apps which frees up unit memory for the addition of Version 6.5.  Failure to do so may cause your unit to lock up.

  1. go to settings
  2. click on apps
  3. find the app you wish to uninstall and click on it

Target apps for removal: (Live TV, RD Sports, Solid Streams, Terrarium TV, YES Player, TV GUIDE, News On, PopCorn Time, Free Flix, Sports Live, Tea TV, FTVFL Player, FTVFL, and the oldest Cyberflix)  Optional apps if you do not use: Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon

  1. click on uninstall…...repeat for all apps to remove from above list.
  2. unplug your unit and wait 10 seconds, Plug back in and let it boot back up.  (You can delete all the above apps and unplug your unit once, you do not have to unplug every time you remove an app)

That's it for Summer Cleanse 2019.  Need help please email support ( 10 am to 10 pm Mon-Sat, or call the support line at (888) 419-9666 Ext 1 10-4 Mon-Fri.


QUICK FIX - Showbox and Lime Player

Binge Watch (Show Box) and Lime Player - Quick Fix from Buffering and Voice Mis Match.

Recently ShowBox adopted their own player, the Lime Player.  Lime player works well with ShowBox except the data and cache within the player itself fills up pretty quick with the cookies left behind by the ads that it shows.  Here is a quick fix below,

From the Binge Box TV Home Screen:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on apps
  3. Click on lime player
  4. Click on storage
  5. Click on Clear Data

The system will clear the cache for ShowBox by using your cache cleaner located on the Binge Box TV home screen but sometimes it's good to do it manually.  Here are the steps,

From the Binge Box TV Home Screen

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on apps
  3. Click on ShowBox
  4. Click on storage
  5. Click on Clear Cache (Not data or you lose your favorites)

This should resolve most of your issues with in ShowBox, but here are some additional links that deal with buffering issues that are located on our FAQ page of the website

Manually Clearing Cached Data on your unit:!hc-how-do-i-clear-the-cache-on-my-smart-tv-box-1 

Resetting your router to clear the cache on your router!hc-how-do-i-reset-my-internet-router

Manually Clearing Cached Data from Individual Apps!hc-how-do-i-clear-the-cache-on-my-smart-tv-box


Customer Support (888-419-9666 Ext 1 Mon-Fri 10am-4pm Est)  or ( Mon-Sat 10am to 10pm EST)

From time to time it becomes necessary to clear your cached data and resetting of your internet router.  This will eliminate voice mismatch, freezing, starting and stopping and buffering. Use either option 1 or 2 with option 3.

Option#1.  Cache Cleaner App

Stream On App (Binge Box TV Home-screen) has added a cache cleaner in the bottom bar apps of your home screen.  This new feature eliminates starting and stopping, freezing and jittering while streaming.

1.  Click on the Cache Cleaner Icon (trash can)  it will calculate the cache and display some files and programs.

2.  In the top right corner, you will see a trash symbol, left click on it to clear your units cache.

3.  when done right click once to go back to your home screen

Option 2:  Manually Clearing Cached Data From Programs

From time to time it may become necessary to clear your “cached data” manually through settings.  Manually clearing “cached data” may be necessary if you accidentally clicked on an advertisement or if you binged watched movie trailers. The automatic cache cleaner, most times won't remove these items especially cached items from an advertisement. Follow the steps below and remember this is app specific.

  1. From the Binge Box TV home screen left click on settings.
  2. Left click on apps  (listing of apps will appear in alphabetical order)
  3. Click on the app you want to clean (Showbox, Mobdro, Live-Net, BeeTV, CyberFlix TV, or Cinema HD.
  4. Left click on storage
  5. Left click on Clear Cache (Recommend to keep your favorites) or Clear Data (Do not recommend)  will erase your favorites and settings.
  6. Right click back to the home screen, you are all done.

Freeing up cache greatly improves the performance of the individual app.

Option 3:  Resetting your internet router

Routers, like computers, are affected by spikes in electricity and data being transmitted through the internet line. The Router contains a cache, a chip that collects data before releasing it to your Smart TV Box, that sometimes becomes overloaded with invalid data. This invalid data can slow down your Routers functions and prevent it from transmitting new data. This causes your Smart TV Box to buffer and stutters.  To correct the problem, you have to empty your Router's cache. Once the Routers cache is reset (cleared), your Router will return to a smooth working state.

Step 1

Turn off your Smart TV Box by shutting it down with the remote or unplugging the unit.

Step 2

Unplug your Router's power cable from the electrical outlet.  

Step 3

Wait five minutes.

Step 4

Plug your Router's power cable back into the electrical outlet. If the cable modem has a power button, press the button to turn the modem on.

Step 5

Wait five minutes

Step 6

Turn on your Smart TV Box, let it boot up.

That's it!


Proper Settings for Movie Time Cinema.

Movie Time Cinema is now the 1st place app for Binge Box TV customers to watch Movies and TV Shows.  Binge Watch (Showbox)  remains broken, while Movie Flicks(Cyber) #2 and TVZion and Bee TV is now tied for #3. With this being said we are now taking you through the settings within Movie Time Cinema to assist you to get the most out of this application.

  1. Open up Movie Time Cinema
  2. Click on the menu bar top left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and click on settings
  4. Click on Default Payer, make sure the circle is filled next to MX Player, right click to return.
  5. Choose poster image size, make sure the circle is set to large, right click to return to settings.
  6. Choose Default Play Action, make sure the circle is set to Play, right click to return to settings.
  7. Click on Show aired episodes only a checkmark should be in the box\
  8. Show HD Only no check mark in the box.
  9. Low Profile no check mark in the box
  10. Sort Links ordered by size, check mark should be in the box.
  11. Autoplay next episode, check mark should be in the box
  12. Auto Next, a check mark should be in the box
  13. IGNORE, Real Debrid and TRAKT TV
  14. Choose default subtitle, make sure english (or preferred language) is selected.
  15. IGNORE, Subtitle color and Subtitle Font Size
  16. IGNORE Media download path.
  17. Right click to exit settings
  18. Right Click to exit the app and select yes.
  19. Click back into Movie Time Cinema and your settings are now in effect.

As always if you need assistance with the above please call our customer support line (888) 419-9666 ext 1 Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm EST.


Clearing your cache will greatly improve the performance of your unit.  There has been a lot of live Ads which could clog your cache faster than normal. 
While Binge Box Unit Owners should not have to perform this task, it never hurts to do so.  Please follow the steps below to successfully clear your cache.

Manually Clearing your cache.  This procedure helps if you are experiencing any type of buffering while watching any app on the unit.  It is also a healthy practice to at least do this....weekly (heavy user) bi weekly (moderate user) or monthly (light user).

1.  From the Binge Box Home-screen left click on unit settings.

2.  Left click on storage and usb (Storage).

3.  Left click on cached data.

4.  Left click on "OK"/Yes this will clear your cashed data for all programs.

5.  Reboot your unit for the changes to take effect.  (unplug your unit and plug back in)

Proper Settings for TVZion.  When you first enter the app you will see an Ad for TVZion, just right click and the ad goes away.  Also the proper way to exit the app and to make sure it is not running in the background is to.

  1. Left click menu bar
  2. Left click settings
  3. Left click app and data management
  4. Left Click Kill App

Only set the settings that we have listed below for TVZion.

  1. Left click on settings
  2. Left click on Link Resolving
  3. Left click Enable auto-select (make sure it's on, button to the right with red)
  4. Left click on Auto select after x links found:  set to 10
  5. Left click on Enable auto select re-fire:  make sure is set to on
  6. Left click default auto-select action:  select play
  7. Left click Default link click action:  set to play
  8. Left click Continue link search after link selection:  make sure its on
  9. Right-click out to main settings
  10. Left click on PLAYBACK
  11. Left click on auto next:  set to on
  12. Left click on Video Player:  (TVZion player is not to bad) you can keep or change to MX
  13. Left click on Default subtitle language:  select English or whatever you want for subtitles.

That's all the settings you really have to worry about.  Please give us feedback as to how you like TVZion