Last Update 05/25/2019 Please unplug your unit...plug back in, enjoy! PRIVATE SALE GOING ON NOW! CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR PROMO CODE......................... FREE SHIPPING on ALL Binge Box TV Units!!


05/07/19  Launch date is set and we are ready to move forward getting Version 6 out to all unit owners.  Launch will begin................................................................

Launch windows will begin 03:30 am Eastern Time and continuing throughout the day.  Binge Box Unit owners will not suffer any downtown.  All other unit owners may experience down times up to 7 days while we patch the bridge between our programming and non Binge Box TV units.  

If your are multi unit household, Binge Box TV unit and Other unit, your Binge Box Unit has already communicated the necessary patch info to your non Binge Box TV Unit.  Just remember to set up email and pin last on the non Binge Box TV Unit.

We have broken down the install instructions as follows:

Binge Box TV Unit owners and Binge Box TV Unit owners with additional Non Binge Box TV unit or units.  Complete the below steps on your Binge Box Unit First than on your other units last.  Must do on all units.

  1. When you enter the ASTVB (StreamON) application it will have a red bar downloading update.
  2. When prompted click on Install.
  3. When prompted click on open.
  4. When prompted left click on the email tab and enter your email.  (you must have access to this email. The program will send you a 4 digit pin.)
  5. Enter your 4 digit pin in the space provided.
  6. Your V6 will open.

Non Binge Box Unit Owners:  while we have Bridged a lot of the units already there may be a delay in receiving your pin code (up to 7 days)  please use your registered email address.  If you did not do your spring cleaning or have not registered a email on the website the update will be stuck on the enter pin screen.

  1. When you enter the ASTVB (StreamON) application it will have a red bar downloading update.
  2. When prompted click on Install.
  3. When prompted click on open.
  4. When prompted left click on the email tab and enter your email.  (you must have access to this email. The program will send you a 4 digit pin.)
  5. Enter your 4 digit pin in the space provided.
  6. Your V6 will open.

If your stuck on the ""enter pin" screen please email no phone calls to customer support will be accepted.  Email support only so we can trace the problem through you ip address.



 04/25/2019  04:41 pm first half of Version 6 update completed.  If you own a Binge Box Unit all you need to do is click on your (ASTVB) Stream On app icon and it should load properly.  NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV and grekos unit owners need to unplug there units and plug back in.  If your unit is stuck on the User Agreement page please unplug and plug your unit back in.

We will be sending out an email later for Updates and when we plan to launch the 2nd half of Version 6.  Happy Streaming to all.

How to Empty a  Router's Cache Properly  04/12/2019

Routers, like computers, are affected by spikes in electricity and data being transmitted through the internet line. The Router contains a cache, a chip that collects data before releasing it to your Smart TV Box, that sometimes become overloaded with invalid data. This invalid data can slow down your Routers functions and prevent it from transmitting new data. This causes your Smart TV Box to buffer and stutters.  To correct the problem, you have to empty your Router's cache. Once the Routers cache is reset (cleared), your Router will return to a smooth working state.

Step 1

Turn off your Smart TV Box by shutting it down with the remote or unplugging the unit.

Step 2

Unplug your Router's power cable from the electrical outlet.  

Step 3

Wait five  minutes.

Step 4

Plug your Router's power cable back into the electrical outlet. If the cable modem has a power button, press the button to turn the modem on.

Step 5

Wait five minutes

Step 6

Turn on your Smart TV Box, let it boot up.

That's it!



Latest Update 04/10/2019 - Please unplug your unit and plug back in for updates to automatically take effect.  Happy Streaming!

Manually Clearing Cached Data From Programs

From time to time it may become necessary to clear your “cached data” manually through settings.  Manually clearing “cached data” may be necessary if you accidentally clicked on an advertisement or if you binged watched movie trailers. The automatic cache cleaner, most times won't remove these items especially cached items from advertisement. Follow the steps below and remember this is app specific.

  1. From the Binge Box TV home screen left click on settings.
  2. Left click on apps  (listing of apps will appear in alphabetical order)
  3. Click on the app you want to clean (Showbox, Mobdro, Live-Net, BeeTV, CyberFlix TV, or Cinema HD.
  4. Left click on storage
  5. Left click on Clear Cache (Recommend to keep your favorites) or Clear Data (Do not recommend)  will erase your favorites and settings.
  6. Right click back to the home screen, you are all done.

Freeing up cache greatly improves the individual apps performance.


Latest Update 04/08/19 - Please unplug your unit and plug back in for the updates to take effect.

Live Sports Live TV (Live Net TV)  Saving Favorites and Requesting Channels.

A Big request from our customers for the  Live Net TV program is, How do we save our Favorites?  How can I get a channel I don't see? Answers below:

Saving Favorites.

  1. Left click and hold (on the network you want to save to favorites)till the white box pops up.
  2. Left click on add to favorites.
  3. From the Live Net Home screen click on the heart to the left of Entertainment this is where all your saved favorites will be.

Requesting Channels to be put on Live Net TV.

  1. Left Click on the menu bar in the top left of Live Net TV
  2. Left click on Request Channel
  3. A pop up will appear with your keyboard
  4. Type in the Channel Request that you have (example:  Big Ten Network)
  5. Left click on submit


Latest Update 04/03/2019 please unplug your unit and plug back in for changes to take effect

Proper Settings for Movie Flicks (Cyberflix)

Making sure your settings are set properly allows for better streaming.  Please take a few minutes to go through this step by step settings guide especially if your a frequent user of this program.

  1. Click on Movie Flicks (Cyber Flix) from your Binge Box TV Home screen.
  2. Click on the menu lines in the top left corner.
  3. Click on Settings
  4. App Language:  English (or your preference)
  5. Choose default video player:  MX Player
  6. Auto mark episodes watched:  check mark in the box
  7. Filter out non-English TV Shows:  check mark in the box (if you want only English TV Shows)
  8. Show HD Links only:  NO Check mark
  9. Filter out CAM version links:  Check mark in the box
  10. Choose default play action:  PLAY
  11. Parallel sources loading:  Check mark in the box
  12. Resolve all links immediately:  Check mark in the box
  13. Auto resolve hd links only:  NO Check mark
  14. Sources ist refresh time interval:  15
  15. Enable new episode notification:  Check mark in the box
  16. Check new episode frequency:  1
  17. Enable new movie release notification:  Check mark in the box
  18. Check new movie release:  6
  19. SKIP Section
  20. Choose default Continue playback option:  Always ask
  21. Choose Default navigation::  you choose whether you want movies or TV Shows listed when you open Cyberflix.  (Mine is set to TV Shows)
  22. Choose TV Shows category or genre:  You choose what your tv show landing page default will be  (mine is set to airing today)
  23. Choose default movie category or genre;  You choose waht movies to display (Mine is set to most popular)
  24. Choose synopsis language:  English
  25. Use Modern UI:  Check mark in the box
  26. Media poster size:  Large
  27. Show season special:  Check mark in the box
  28. Hide unaired season:  Check mark in the box
  29. Hide unaired episode:  Check mark in the box
  30. Hide Posters:  No check mark
  31. Hide title and year under posters:  No check mark
  32. Hide episode thumbnails:  No check mark
  33. Hied episode synopsis: No check mark
  34. Hide reCaptcha verification message:  Check mark in the box
  35. SKIP Android TV
  36. SKIP Providers and Resolvers
  37. SKIP Alluc
  38. SKIP Real-Debrid
  39. SKIP Download
  40. SKIP Subtitles
  41. SKIP Subtitles Style
  42. SKIP Backup and restore
  43. Skip Others
  44. Click on clear cache
  45. SKIP Everything below clear cache

Latest Update 03/27/2019  please unplug your unit and plug back in for changes to take effect.

Setting up On Air (Mobdro) for AD Free plus changing your channel selection from horizontal to vertical.

AD Free


  • Click on the On Air Icon (Mobdro) from the Binge Box TV Home Screen
  • Scroll to bottom for settings and click on ADS click red box No Ads
  • Select disable  (make sure check mark is by disable)
  • Right click 2 times to return to Binge Box TV Home Screen
  • Click back in to On Air (Mobdro) Changes have been accepted.

    Changing from Horizontal Channel Lineup to Vertical Channel Lineup

  • Click on the On Air Icon (Mobdro) from the Binge Box TV Home Screen
  • Scroll to bottom for settings and click on UI Mode
  • Click on Phone Mode (This sets you channel lineup to Vertical)
  • Right click twice to exit On Air
  • Re-enter On Air and you channel lineup will be set to vertical

    Latest Update 03/25/2019, please unplug your unit and plug back in.  Proper settings for Movie Time Cinema.

    Proper Settings For Movie Time Cinema

    Movie Time Cinema is now the 2nd place app for Binge Box TV customers to watch Movies and TV Shows.  Binge Watch remains #1, while Movie Flicks(Cyber) and Bee TV are now tied for 3rd. With this being said we are now taking you through the settings within Movie Time Cinema to assist you to get the most out of this application.

    1. Open up Movie Time Cinema
    2. Click on the menu bar top left corner of the screen.
    3. Scroll down and click on settings
    4. Click on Default Payer, make sure the circle is filled next to MX Player, right click to return.
    5. Choose poster image size, make sure the circle is set to large, right click to return to settings.
    6. Choose Default Play Action, make sure the circle is set to Play, right click to return to settings.
    7. Click on Show aired episodes only a checkmark should be in the box\
    8. Show HD Only no check mark in the box.
    9. Low Profile no check mark in the box
    10. Sort Links ordered by size, check mark should be in the box.
    11. Autoplay next episode, check mark should be in the box
    12. Auto Next, a check mark should be in the box
    13. IGNORE, Real Debrid and TRAKT TV
    14. Choose default subtitle, make sure english (or preferred language) is selected.
    15. IGNORE, Subtitle color and Subtitle Font Size
    16. IGNORE Media download path.
    17. Right click to exit settings
    18. Right Click to exit the app and select yes.
    19. Click back into Movie Time Cinema and your settings are now in effect.

    As always if you need assistance with the above please call our customer support line (888) 419-9666 ext 1 Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm EST.

    03/18/2019 Update  Please unplug your unit and plug back in.  SPRING CLEAN YOUR UNIT.

    Spring Cleaning 2019

    Please follow the instruction below to do your bi yearly app maintenance.

    (Never delete ASTVB, FTVFL Player)  Never do a factory reset to your unit!  

    Binge Box 2020 Units Need do Nothing.

    Program removal, get rid of broken apps which frees up app memory for the additions of apps in the future.

    1.  go to settings
    2.  click on apps
    3.  find the app you wish to uninstall and click on it

    Target apps for removal: (Live TV, RD Sports, Solid Streams, Terrarium TV, YES Player, TV GUIDE, News On)  Optional apps if you do not use: Netflix, Hulu, Sling

    1.  click on uninstall…...repeat for all apps to remove from above list.
    2.  unplug your unit and wait 10 seconds, Plug back in and let it boot back up.
    3.  That's it all clean for spring.  Need help please call support line at (888) 419-9666 Ext 1 10-6 Mon-Fri.

    03/11/2019 Update 

    Manually Clearing your cache.  This procedure helps if you are experiencing any type of buffering while watching.

    1.  From the Binge Box Home-screen left click on unit settings.

    2.  Left click on storage and usb (Storage).

    3.  Left click on cashed data.

    4.  Left click on "OK"/Yes this will clear your cashed data for all programs.

    5.  Reboot your unit for the changes to take effect.  (unplug your unit and plug back in)

    Great Tips:  Movie Time Cinema

    From the menu bar in Cinema select TV Calendar.  This will give you a listing of all the TV shows that our on Today.  After they air with commercials they will be available the same night they air.  Just click on the episode and it will take you directly to the episode.

    If you select the Auto play box in the upper right hand corner, it will automatically play without you having to select a stream.  You can turn the Auto Play on or off.

    If you are Binge Watching a TV Series you can have the next episodes play automatically.  They will play one right after the other until you stop it. Here's what you do.

    1. Go to the menu bar and click.
    2. Go to settings and click
    3. Scroll to auto play next episode and make sure its checked marked.
    4. Start your TV show and make sure your auto play is checked in the upper right corner.
    5. Enjoy

    Cache Cleaner App - NEW

    Stream On App (Binge Box TV Home-screen) has added a cache cleaner in the bottom bar apps of your home-screen.  This new feature eliminates starting and stopping, freezing and jittering while streaming .

    1.  Click on the Cache Cleaner Icon (trash can)  it will calculate the cache and display some files and programs.

    2.  In the top right corner you will see a trash symbol, left click on it to clear your units cache.

    3.  when done right click once to go back to your home-screen



    1.  Click on the Binge Watch Icon and you will see it download and a white page will appear.  Click on Install.

    2.  Let the program install and when finished you will click on OPEN in the bottom right corner.

    3.  Click Allow, Allow, OK, choose MX Player as your default player.

    4.  click on NO to the cyber player.

    Watching a Movie

    1.  Click on the menu bar top left corner, click on movies.

    2.  Click on a movie

    3.  Click on the play arrow on the top right hand corner.

    4.  A line will race across the top of your screen and you will see servers drop down on the left side of your screen.

    5.  Pick a server (stream) and a gray box will pop up in the middle of the screen, click on PLAY.  

    6.  Enjoy your movie.

    Training - (888) 419-9666


    Live Sports Ethernet Connection Required

    Ad Away