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03/06/2019 News Letter

Latest Update:  03/06/2019 - please unplug your unit and plug back in to receive your update

Weekly or () Maintenance for trouble free viewing.

Your internet router needs to be reset depending on how much you use your unit.  Heavy users once per week.  Moderate users twice per month.  Light users once per month.

1.  Unplug your internet router and your Smart TV Box for 5 minutes.

2.  Plug your internet router back in and wait 5 minutes for it to completely boot back up.

3.  Plug your Smart TV Box back in and let it completely boot up

4.  Use as normal.


News Update:  02/22/19  - Customer Support Update on Binge Watch (Showbox)  Reported issue that the watch now button is not activating when you are trying to watch TV Shows.  While this seems to be a app error with Showbox and their next update will correct this error you can try the following.

Solution 1.  Try your show in Binge Watch (Showbox) and if it is not working try to watch the show in Cyberflix or Movie Time Cinema.  This is the easiest solution so you don't loose your favorites in Showbox.  When Showbox updates there app it should solve this issue.

Solution 2.  Do a complete re-install.  Doing this will loose all your favorites that you have saved in Showbox.  You can follow the steps below if you choose to do this or call customer support (888) 419-9666 ext 1 and we will walk you through the process.

1.  Left click on unit settings from the Stream ON home screen.

2.  Left click on apps.

3.  All your apps will be visible and in alphabetical order.  Scroll down to Showbox and left click on it.  The next popup you want to left click on uninstall.  Click on YES uninstall.  When it says app uninstalled unplug your unit from the power.

4.  Power your unit back up and go to the Stream On Home screen and left click one time on your binge watch icon.

5.  You will see downloading in the middle of the screen and when done a screen will pop up.  You want to left click on Install (bottom right corner).

6.  You will see Showbox installing.  When it is finished the next screen will say Done or Open.  Left click on done.  Now use your Unit as normal.

Cache Cleaner App - NEW 

Stream On App (Binge Box TV Home-screen) has added a cache cleaner in the bottom bar apps of your home-screen.  This new feature eliminates starting and stopping, freezing and jittering while streaming .

1.  Click on the Cache Cleaner Icon (trash can)  it will calculate the cache and display some files and programs.

2.  In the top right corner you will see a trash symbol, left click on it to clear your units cache.

3.  when done right click once to go back to your home-screen


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Showbox, an app that offers a free way to watch the latest films and TV shows, appears to have broken.

Instead, they see a message reading: "Connection error. Check your internet connection!"

As such, there appears to be a problem with the servers used to deliver the free, Netflix-style subscription have broken. There has been no clear suggestion whether that will be permanent or not.

And some have suggested that the mysterious app could have shut down entirely, never to return.


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