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Online Help Center

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Latest Update 05/22/2019  Please Unplug your unit and plug back in for updates to take effect.

Our customer support personnel will be unavailable to assist you during normal business hours  05/22/2019 thru 05/24/2019.  All support personnel will be in training for the Upcoming changes that we will be making to Version 6 worldwide.  If you have a support issue please call (888) 419-9666 ext1 and leave a message.  A support person will return your call between 7pm - 8:15pm on the above dates.  Also, you can email support at

All New Customer Support

Beginning 05/27/2019 our customer support hours for live help will be Monday-Friday 10am to 4pm.  Email support hours will be 10am to 10pm Monday thru Saturday.  You can also click on the director's chair from the StreamOn home page and use the chat feature right from your unit.

We will also be expanding our Frequently Asked Questions Section to better assist you with any issues you may encounter.



News Update 05/15/2019

Version VI Successful!!  What Comes Next?

While most of you Successfully installed Version VI on your units,  we are now ready to move forward with adding additional content to Binge Box TV units.  So for the coming months we will be adding New Apps, mostly around the Live TV side, and Sports.

As we add the new apps we will also provide the installation instructions along with the proper settings that go hand in hand with your new apps.

Dust off your remote!  Your remote will now work with every aspect of your unit except for Binge Watch, which a mouse is still required.  If you have not done so yet, try maneuvering around with the remote, especially in the Live TV programs.

While we continue adding to Version VI you will not notice any seeable changes, as all the work will be done in the background, you will be notified of the Hard Updates as they are completed.

If your Version VI is still stuck on the “enter pin” screen, please call customer support (888) 419-9666 ext 1 Monday thru Friday 10 am - 4 pm Eastern Time or email and we will be able to assist you.



05/07/19  Launch date is set and we are ready to move forward getting Version 6 out to all unit owners.  Launch will begin................................................................

Launch windows will begin 03:30 am Eastern Time and continuing throughout the day.  Binge Box Unit owners will not suffer any downtown.  All other unit owners may experience down times up to 7 days while we patch the bridge between our programming and non Binge Box TV units.  

If your are multi unit household, Binge Box TV unit and Other unit, your Binge Box Unit has already communicated the necessary patch info to your non Binge Box TV Unit.  Just remember to set up email and pin last on the non Binge Box TV Unit.

We have broken down the install instructions as follows:

Binge Box TV Unit owners and Binge Box TV Unit owners with additional Non Binge Box TV unit or units.  Complete the below steps on your Binge Box Unit First than on your other units last.  Must do on all units.

  1. When you enter the ASTVB (StreamON) application it will have a red bar downloading update.
  2. When prompted click on Install.
  3. When prompted click on open.
  4. When prompted left click on the email tab and enter your email.  (you must have access to this email. The program will send you a 4 digit pin.)
  5. Enter your 4 digit pin in the space provided.
  6. Your V6 will open.

Non Binge Box Unit Owners:  while we have Bridged a lot of the units already there may be a delay in receiving your pin code (up to 7 days)  please use your registered email address.  If you did not do your spring cleaning or have not registered a email on the website the update will be stuck on the enter pin screen.

  1. When you enter the ASTVB (StreamON) application it will have a red bar downloading update.
  2. When prompted click on Install.
  3. When prompted click on open.
  4. When prompted left click on the email tab and enter your email.  (you must have access to this email. The program will send you a 4 digit pin.)
  5. Enter your 4 digit pin in the space provided.
  6. Your V6 will open.

If your stuck on the ""enter pin" screen please email no phone calls to customer support will be accepted.  Email support only so we can trace the problem through you ip address.

News Update:  05/07/2019

Binge Box TV Unit?  What is the Difference?

The biggest question of late has been, what are the differences between the Binge Box TV 2020 units and your unit. (NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV or Grekos)

Your unit has 1 gig ram (cache) 8 gig memory.  The Binge Box 2020 has 2 gig ram (3x cache) and 16 gig memory. A Video streams by first going to your processor, loaded through your cache than played through your player.  By having 3x’s the cache your video loads video and voice (30 secs vs 10 secs) prior to playing on your unit which will eliminate buffering, skipping and voice mismatch. Bottom Line bigger cache equals smoother playback.

Your unit has a H.264 video/internet processor.  Binge Box 2020 units have a H.265 video/internet processor.  A H.264 takes a stream raw from the internet runs through your cache than plays through your player.  A H.265 takes a stream raw from the internet, condenses the stream automatically, than goes through the cache than plays through your player.  Bottom line smaller stream going through bigger cache equal smoother playback. I have attached a video to explain this simply……H.264 vs H.265 Video.

Your Unit has 1 User Interface, which makes using programs like chrome and youtube sometimes difficult.  The Binge Box 2020 has a dual User Interface. The Android UI and StreamON UI. You use your android UI for apps such as youtube, chrome, play store, facebook, twitter, skype...etc.  With double the memory you never have to worry about running out of room and slowing down your unit.

Technology changes happen fast as you see in cell phones and computers.  Your unit is limited to cache, memory and video processing capabilities and will have issues going past Version 6.  Binge Box TV Units are set with the required memory, cache and video processing well into the future.

We will be keeping the sale going until the Final V6 update.

Binge Box TV Units 2020 - Buy One Get One FREE - $299.00 with code “v6-d30”  CLICK HERE

Single Binge Box TV Unit 2020 - $179.00 with code “v6-s20” CLICK HERE

I hope this answers most of your questions.  Further questions please email support at or call (888) 419-9666 ext 1.


Latest Update - 5/01/2019  please unplug your unit and plug back in for updates to take effect.

Version 6 Final Download to be sent in approximately 13 days.

We are at the finish line with getting the Version 6 of ASTVB (StreamOn) out to all units.  We will be letting everyone know the exact date of the release in a future email, so please check your email spam and junk folders to insure you are receiving our emails.

On the release of Version 6, Binge Box TV Unit owners will not suffer any down time.  Just follow the V6 Install guide.

We will also have the V6 Install Guide posted at the top of the FAQ Section of the website.


  1. When you enter the ASTVB (StreamON) application it will have a red bar downloading update.
  2. When prompted click on Install.
  3. When prompted click on open.
  4. When prompted left click on the email tab and enter your email.  (you must have access to this email. The program will send you a 4 digit pin.)
  5. Enter your 4 digit pin in the space provided.
  6. Your V6 will open.

Multiple box owners need to do this on each unit as the PIN provided is per unit.

You do not need to save or remember the pin.  The pin identifies your unit for upcoming programming updates.


04/26//2019 Latest Update - please unplug your unit and plug back in and your update will automatically be there when you open the Stream On (ASTVB) application.  Date bottom right should read 04/23/2019

News Update Version 6.00 (1 of 2 installed)

It was a crazy 52 hrs for our programming team here and abroad, but as a whole everyone got the job done.  The first half of Version 6 has been sent to everyone's units. As of 11 pm est, 42% of NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV and Grekos units accepted the update and 100% of Binge Box units accepted the V6 Update without an issue.

Moving forward Binge Box TV Unit owners need to do nothing else until the final update is pushed.  We put partitions in place so Binge Box TV Unit owners will not suffer any downtown when we push Version 6 part 2.

We will continually be sending updates to all units, and emails to all owners letting you know the status, date and time of the Version 6 part 2 of the update.

If you are having issues accessing your program please read below.  If you still need assistance please call our customer support line (888)419-9666 ext 1 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

We will be keeping the sale going until the Final V6 update.

Binge Box TV Units 2020 - Buy One Get One FREE - $299.00 with code “v6-d30”

Single Binge Box TV Unit 2020 - $179.00 with code “v6-s20”

If you own a Binge Box Unit all you need to do is click on your (ASTVB) Stream On app icon and it should load properly.  NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV and grekos unit owners need to unplug there units and plug back in. If your unit is stuck on the User Agreement page (any unit) please unplug and plug your unit back in.  




04/23/2019 Latest Update

04/23/2019 Added Fireplace Screen Saver

04/23/2019 Version 6 News Update

We have sent some soft updates to all units plus we have sent out a Fire Place App, as a Screen Saver.  Install instructions on the FAQ Page.  Our techs are working around the clock trying to produce heat from the Fireplace.  Just kidding, no Heat, we thought it would be a better option for you when you are not watching a movie or TV Show on your Binge Box TV.

NBEETV(All), FTVFL (All But Pro5), SOLTV and Grekos (All but 2015-2017) Unit owners will not be able to use the NEW Live TV Section on Version 6, or the gaming section. You will have access to what is currently on these units. Of all the units tested with the Beta Version 6, you will be able to access these sections but it will not perform flawlessly as it does on the Binge Box Units.  We will be keeping the Buy One Get One FREE sale going on The Binge Box 2020 Units until the launch of Version 6, to allow everyone a chance to be upgraded who so desires.

We are currently working on the final details of Version 6 trying to add a sports only section and a few other last minute details.

Keep a lookout on your emails for updates.


News Update for Version 6


We have reached the halfway point for the release of Version 6 update.  Next week we will be pushing the first half of the install of version 6 to all units who have cleared the space for the updates.  (Spring Clean your Unit.  Binge Box Unit owners do not have to do spring clean.)

While the push comes next week 4-22 to 4-26 for the install, here is what you will need to do.

1. The update will automatically download to your unit when you enter the ASTVB (Stream On) application.

2.  Bottom right corner you will click on Install.

3.  After installation you will click on open.

Binge Box Unit Owners STOP Here you do not need to perform the rest of the steps.

4.  From the Binge Watch Home Screen you will than click on Settings

5.  Click on storage/storage usb.

6.  Click on Cached Data

7. Say ok/yes to clear cached data

8.  Unplug your unit and plug back in after 10 seconds.

That is it.  Remember if you are a Binge Box TV Unit owner you do not have to do steps 4-8, only NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV and Greko units owners need to do 4-8.

As always if you need help please go to FAQ Section on the Website, Email support, , or call our support line, (888) 419-9666 ext 1  10 am to 6 pm est.

Happy Streaming!!!


Update News on Version 6 - 04/12/2019

In approximately 30 days we will be rolling out Version 6 of the Stream On (ASTVB) application.

We sent the last Hard Update for Version 6 to your units on April 10, 2019.  100% of Binge Box TV units accepted the update with no issues.

NBeeTV, FTVFL, SOLTV and Grekos unit owners need to perform the spring cleaning on your units to make sure there is room for Version 6.  As of 04/11/2019 35% of the Hard Updates bounced back for these units. Please make sure you complete the spring cleaning prior to April 20, 2019 as this is when we will resend the update.

Version 6 is looking good and operating smoothly.  We are still working out the bugs with the Live TV Network Guide and the retro game sections.

You will be receiving a lot of soft updates behind the scenes from now until the Launch of Version 6.  You need do nothing, just operate your unit as normal.

We will be sending out a checklist for you to make sure all your settings are proper  7 days before releasing Version 6.


NBeeTV, FTVFL, SOLTV and Grekos unit owners need to perform the spring cleaning on your units to make sure there is room for Version 6.

(Never delete ASTVB, FTVFL Player)  Never do a factory reset to your unit!  

Binge Box 2020 Units Need do Nothing.

Program removal, get rid of broken apps which frees up app memory for the additions of apps in the future.

  1. go to settings
  2. click on apps
  3. find the app you wish to uninstall and click on it

Target apps for removal: (Live TV, RD Sports, Solid Streams, Terrarium TV, YES Player, TV GUIDE, News On)  Optional apps if you do not use: Netflix, Hulu, Sling

  1. click on uninstall…...repeat for all apps to remove from above list.
  2. unplug your unit and wait 10 seconds, Plug back in and let it boot back up.
  3. That's it all clean for spring.  Need help please call support line at (888) 419-9666 Ext 1 10-6 Mon-Fri.

  • April 03, 2019
  • Why so many Updates?

    Simply put here at Binge Box TV we are sending out SOFT updates and upgrading your user interface to smoothly transfer to Version 6 of our programming, which is just around the corner.

    Sending SOFT updates 2 to 3 times per week allows for your units to update and resolve ONE step at a time.  Out with the OLD and In with the NEW.

  • We send out emails to let you know when the Latest Update has been sent.  All you have to do is unplug your unit and plug back in for the SOFT Updates to take effect.

    Look at your Binge Box TV Home screen bottom right corner and the date will correlate with the emails we send you:  Last Update - 04/03/2019 (example).

    To learn more about Version 6 please read the article below.

  • April 1, 2019
  • Version 6 Hard Update Coming Soon!!

We are nearing completion on delivering Version 6 and once we get locked in, our focus is only on the finish line.  Binge Box Unit Owners (2016-2020) need do nothing as your unit will take the update seamlessly. NBEETV, FTVFL, SOL TV and Grekos unit owners will receive a step by step email to see if your units will migrate to the upgrade, if not ...your NBEETV, FTVFL, SOL TV and Grekos unit will remain on Version 4 working as it does today.

We are at the point where the programming and design on V6 is way past the halfway mark, we are on the home stretch and for the first time we can tell you what to expect from the new version. Here is an outline of the material design and a touch on the concept. We will be saving some goodies until the very end though!

  1. We aren't moving away from our unique concept of the ease of use platform for Binge Box TV Customers.
  2. We aren't moving away from allowing your viewing freedom within your product where you control what you watch and what app you choose to watch your Movies and TV shows on.
  3. Version 6 will be totally new and is based on the Android Smart TV (ASTVB) UI and will remain the number one platform in the world for Binge Box TV owners with the focus on a serious and user friendly interface.
  4. We have worked mostly within the Live TV side of things to deliver a better user experience with advanced learning capabilities and a working TV Guide so that Version 6 can predict what you will probably want to watch at any given time right on the home screen.
  5. We will be adding a VPN (Private Network) right on the home screen so if you choose to use it it will be there.
  6. Everything that you expect from software for Live TV is included.  Version 6 will have Game vs Game sports, TV Guided sports, live TV.  Advanced Live TV Guide like on your cable TV box. More control, better quality streaming, more Live TV content, see what's on the channel lineup and click it, and it will take you to your channel.  
  7. Classic arcade style gaming (Will need a gaming remote) and much more.
  8. It isn't just about the User Interface. The programming back end of "Stream ON" is getting a serious makeover. More control, better quality streaming, more Live TV content, arcade games and more.
  9. We will also be providing a ticket based system which will replace the Chat/Email support system for any technical issues. You will be able to submit a trouble ticket right from your home screen in Version 6.  As always you will still be able to call our support line for additional help.

We thank you for being a Binge Box TV Customer so we are keeping the Buy One Get one FREE sale going until we switch over to version 6.  We want to allow Non Binge Box Unit Owners a chance to get the worlds number 1 Smart TV Box, and for our Binge Box Unit owners a chance to affordably put a Binge Box TV Unit on every TV in your Home.

03/06/2019 News Letter

Latest Update:  03/06/2019 - please unplug your unit and plug back in to receive your update

Weekly or () Maintenance for trouble free viewing.

Your internet router needs to be reset depending on how much you use your unit.  Heavy users once per week.  Moderate users twice per month.  Light users once per month.

1.  Unplug your internet router and your Smart TV Box for 5 minutes.

2.  Plug your internet router back in and wait 5 minutes for it to completely boot back up.

3.  Plug your Smart TV Box back in and let it completely boot up

4.  Use as normal.


News Update:  02/22/19  - Customer Support Update on Binge Watch (Showbox)  Reported issue that the watch now button is not activating when you are trying to watch TV Shows.  While this seems to be a app error with Showbox and their next update will correct this error you can try the following.

Solution 1.  Try your show in Binge Watch (Showbox) and if it is not working try to watch the show in Cyberflix or Movie Time Cinema.  This is the easiest solution so you don't loose your favorites in Showbox.  When Showbox updates there app it should solve this issue.

Solution 2.  Do a complete re-install.  Doing this will loose all your favorites that you have saved in Showbox.  You can follow the steps below if you choose to do this or call customer support (888) 419-9666 ext 1 and we will walk you through the process.

1.  Left click on unit settings from the Stream ON home screen.

2.  Left click on apps.

3.  All your apps will be visible and in alphabetical order.  Scroll down to Showbox and left click on it.  The next popup you want to left click on uninstall.  Click on YES uninstall.  When it says app uninstalled unplug your unit from the power.

4.  Power your unit back up and go to the Stream On Home screen and left click one time on your binge watch icon.

5.  You will see downloading in the middle of the screen and when done a screen will pop up.  You want to left click on Install (bottom right corner).

6.  You will see Showbox installing.  When it is finished the next screen will say Done or Open.  Left click on done.  Now use your Unit as normal.

Cache Cleaner App - NEW 

Stream On App (Binge Box TV Home-screen) has added a cache cleaner in the bottom bar apps of your home-screen.  This new feature eliminates starting and stopping, freezing and jittering while streaming .

1.  Click on the Cache Cleaner Icon (trash can)  it will calculate the cache and display some files and programs.

2.  In the top right corner you will see a trash symbol, left click on it to clear your units cache.

3.  when done right click once to go back to your home-screen


Binge Box TV acquires NBEETV, Free TV For Life, and SOLTV.All these Companies utilize the revolutionary Stream ON, on-board application which makes your Smart TV Device run faster and smoother plus keeping your home screen up to date with all the latest programming.

Voted Number #1 unit in the world for the third year running, Binge Box TV will offer customer support Monday thru Friday 10 am to 4 pm beginning October 10, 2018.

AS a Thank you for becoming a Binge Box TV Customer, we would like to extend a special promotion for all prior NBEETV, Free TV For Life and SOLTV customers with a BOGO (buy one get one sale) for the remainder of NOV 2018 on our newest Binge Box.  Sale price of 279.00 Each now get 2 for 279.00. 

Call to ORDER 888-419-9666 Ext 2 or checkout online.


Showbox, an app that offers a free way to watch the latest films and TV shows, appears to have broken.

Instead, they see a message reading: "Connection error. Check your internet connection!"

As such, there appears to be a problem with the servers used to deliver the free, Netflix-style subscription have broken. There has been no clear suggestion whether that will be permanent or not.

And some have suggested that the mysterious app could have shut down entirely, never to return.


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New TV Shows 2018

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