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Version 6.5 StreamON (ASTVB) Launches Sept 1, 2019

Final Hard Update to All NON Binge Box TV Units 

Software (ASTVB) Migration successful.  Ready to move forward with Version 6.5 of our software to all units in 60 Days.

Now that the software and server migration is complete we will be able to move to further making your Binge Box TV Units respond better than ever in the coming months.

We plan to release Version 6.5 of the ASTVB Software the first week of September 2019.  Binge Box TV Unit owners need do nothing as all the changes will be happening in the background of your units.  NON Binge Box TV Unit owners (NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV and Grekos) , we will continue to send out step by step emails for items that need to be done for your units to accept the upcoming changes.  Not all units will be able to accept the new program.

We will be running soft Updates to all units over the next few weeks, there is no expected downtown.

All NON Binge Box Units will remain on Version 6.5 going forward.

Questions or support please email Monday thru Saturday 10am to 10pm EST.  Phone support available Mon thru Friday 10am to 4pm EST.   (888) 419-9666 ext 1.



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