How To Get Around in Version Seven


Lets take a look at Version Seven

First off, make sure your remote has fresh batteries.  On the remote you will be using the up and down arrow keys, the OK button (in the middle of the arrow keys), the return or back (go back one) key (to the right above the arrows) and the Mouse Button (to the right below the arrow keys).  You will be able to use the remote for all programs.  The only program you need to use the mouse button is Binge Watch (showbox), or use the mouse you been using all along.

To go to the android home screen/exit StreamOn hit the home key on the right side of your remote.  

Lets get started - When you first enter Version 7 it will come to the Home Screen.

At this point there is nothing on this screen, but as you use apps they will populate here for easy access.  Now you want to hit the right arrow on your remote to the APPLICATIONS.  Your screen will move over.

As you can see you have your apps.  You access your apps by first by hitting the down arrow 2 times.  There are 5 sections:  On Demand Movies and TV (Binge Watch, Movie Time, CyberFlix, and TVZion all the apps you already know), Live TV (OnAir, Live Net, TV TAP, and RedBox the apps you already know), Premium TV Apps (If you use this section you must be subscribed to the individual provider, paid services), New release apps BETA (we will go over each one below) and Social media and tools.(They are what they say and only down load and install if you wish to use on your unit).  To select an app use your arrows and when an app is highlighted click OK.  If it is a new app not on your unit follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

Here is a Intro to your New apps located in the New Release row:

Pros Team Vs Team:  Just football - highlight it and select OK.  This does take a moment to load, once loaded you will first get an ad, just hit the return arrow key on your remote.  A schedule will appear.  Use your up and down arrows to select the event you want to watch.  Press the OK button on the link you want to watch it on.  Always MX Player or M3U.

College Football:  works the same as the pros

Bee TV - On Demand Movies and TV Shows

Tea TV Box - On Demand Movies and TV Shows

Live Streaming TV - after it loads click OK on USA and you will get USA Channels only.

Media Box - On Demand Movies and TV Shows

USA Live TV -The best way to use it (if you want to see if you have a local channel available)  type in the network in the search bar)  Example Fox will bring up fox from New York, Birmingham, Cleveland, New Orleans, North Port, Phoenix, 11, 13, Salt Lake, Seattle, Michigan ......etc.  Use EXTERNAL PLAYER when selecting link than mx player would be second choice.

Settings from the top of the screen click your right arrow over to settings.

Apps: This is where you can access all your apps.  Click OK on your remote on apps and you will see all your apps.

Click on APP Settings and this will be where you go to uninstall and reinstall a app.  Clear cache out of individual apps.

Click on system and this will give you access to all settings

 Now that will pretty much covers how to get around the all new Version Seven


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