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Version 7 Installs Today Must Read Prior To Installation!!!

NON- Binge Box TV Unit Owners

Effective October 10, 2019 (TODAY), when we release Version 7 of our Stream On Program, all NON Binge Box TV Units (NBEETV, SOLTV, FTVFL, and Grekos Units) will cease to operate under our programming.  To use your Non-Binge Box TV Unit you will need to do the following:  1.  Go to Settings   2. Go to apps    3.  Go to ASTVB     4. Go to Un-Install      5.  UN Plug your unit and plug back in.  To use your unit go to my apps and select a app you would like to use.  From this date forward you are on your own with the Non Binge Box Units. Customer Support via phone and email is for Binge Box TV Unit Owners ONLY. You can order a Binge Box Unit by phone (888) 419-9666 ext 2, email us at support@bingeboxtv.com or order online at www.bingeboxtv.com.  Today is the last day for the Internal Trade-Up Program.  $109.00 w/code trade20

Qualifying Trades - NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV, Grekos, Binge Box 2013 to 2019, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Sticks, Roku, and any Android TV Box 

Binge Box TV Units Install Guide 

Must install prior to 10/26 link will be no longer available.
Table charge to re-program $99.00 per unit after 10/26!

Version Seven Final Installation Instructions

Version 7 launch date is Today  7:00 am Eastern Time.  Below are the installation instructions.  Please follow closely! 

Make sure you have sent your Trade Ins back to us.  We will deactivate any account which the trade-in has not been received by October 20th unless prior arrangements were made for a later date.

All Binge Box TV Units need to unplug their units and plug back in anytime after 7 am on October 10, 2019, and let your units boot back up to the Android Home Screen.

From the Android home screen you will click on the ASTVB Icon and let it load like normal. 

When the home screen loads you will see in all boxes, Version Seven Install Icons “Binge Box Units Only”  or the New App Icon for Version 7.  Choose either one. There will be no other install Icons except the 2 below.


Left click on any of the Version 7 Icons.  Version 7 will download.

When prompted click on Install, bottom right of the screen.  Let Version 7 Install.

Click OPEN (very important) when done installing.

Now you will see the user agreement with a box for you to input your email address (use the email you used when you purchased your Binge Box TV Unit) input your email address and click on send pin. 


Check your email, the system sends the pin automatically and can take up to 20 minutes. EMAIL COMES FROM :

StreamOn Team postmaster@appy.zone

 (check junk, and spam folders) if your pin does not arrive after 20 minutes email support, at support@bingeboxtv.com , from the email you are trying to register and they will look it up manually for you and send your pin..  NO Phone Calls.

Enter your Pin and click Activate.  That's it Version 7 is installed.

Total new look and feel.  You will need your remote that came with your unit to move around and select apps to watch.  Simple, just use the arrows on the remote to click to the right, left, up and down. Use your OK button to select.  You can also use your mouse.

We will be sending out tutorials on how to use Version 7 and it will also be listed under the training section of our website.


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