Last Update 08/16/2019 Version 6.5 - Please unplug your unit...plug back in, enjoy! SUMMER BLOWOUT SALE GOING ON NOW! ADDITIONAL $60.00 OUR BINGE BOX TV 2020 2 PACK W/ CODE (BLOWOUT60)....................... FREE SHIPPING on ALL Binge Box TV Units!!

Non Binge Box TV Units! Programming Ends 10-10-2019! Version 7 Better!

Effective October 10, 2019, when we release Version 7 of our Stream On Program, all NON Binge Box TV Units (NBEETV, SOLTV, FTVFL, and Grekos Units) will cease to operate under our programming.

We have been sending a lot of soft updates to all units and the NON Binge Box TV Units are simply Ignoring the updated codes.  So, on October 10, 2019, will be the last day any NON Binge Box TV Unit (NBEETV, SOLTV, FTVFL or Grekos Unit) will be able to operate on our system.

Now for the great news.  With us dropping the NON Binge Box TV Units this will allow Version 7 to become better than what we had imagined.  This will free up programming space suited just for Binge Box TV Units.

On-Demand Movie and TV Shows app line Up - Binge Watch (Show Box), Cinema HD, Tv Zion, Cyber Flix, TEA TV, Morpheus, Free Flix Hq, Crackle, Kodi HUB, BEE TV and many more.

Live TV App line up - Mobdro, Live Net, Red Box, Tap TV, Puffin, Tubi, Morph, Kodi Sports, and more.

Paid TV - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Sling TV, Vudu. IPTV and many more.

So we will be able to add any 3rd party apps that are working straight to you Binge Box TV Unit.  Remove an app as it becomes necessary and send the proper programming to your unit as it becomes necessary.  

We will be adding a player section to your system also.  Player options will become your choice.  MX, VLC, Lime, Go, Echo and many more.

As we tweak Version 7 we will keep you informed of the progress.  October 10, 2019, will be here before you know it!!  Happy Streaming!!


Qualifying Trades - NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV, Grekos, Binge Box 2013 to 2019, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Sticks, Roku, and any Android TV Box 

Binge Box TV Units vs OTHERS

H.264 (Non Binge Box TV) vs H.265 (Binge Box TV)

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