H.264 vs.H.265! Why does my stream buffer?

H.265 Streaming is Here!  Are You Ready?

While most of you already own our Binge Box TV Mini (2019) or our Binge Box TV 2020 units, those who don’t should consider in investing in one, only because they are H.265 compliant and ready to stream the H.265 streams.

H.265 streams are the wave of the future in streaming.  While all units are 4K compatible and down, 4K and 1080 streams are NOW only available in the H.265 streaming format.  Why? A H.265 stream is condensed to use less bandwidth bringing you the stream to your unit. It takes less server space to house the streams, less internet speed to receive the stream.  So if you own a H.265 unit with 3 x’s the cache and twice the storage it all but equals: Less to no buffering, better quality streams (4K, 1080, and HD), internal buffering, faster load time, and less of the internet MBPS to run your unit.

Please watch the video; RENAMED,  H.264 vs H.265 for Dummies!


Show Box recently tried to introduce the LIME player with their update (06-07-2019) and offer a mix of H.265 and H.264 streams through their own player.  Total Kaos! They are back to the drawing board. Cyberflix, Movie Time Cinema, and TVZion have successfully integrated the new H.265 streams into their platforms and have announced 4K streaming along with 1080 and 720 HD as the norm via H.265 technology.  

In short, if you own…..Others TV Unit (NBEETV, SOLTV, FTVFL, or Grekos)  you are stuck on H.264 streaming and will get streams associated with your unit.  If you own a Binge Box TV UNIT 2019 mini (Sold Out) or a Binge Bx TV 2020 unit you are already set for the ALL NEW H.265 streams.

Binge Box TV Unit?  What is the Difference?

The biggest question of late has been, what are the differences between the Binge Box TV 2020 units and your unit. (NBEETV, FTVFL, SOLTV or Grekos)

Your unit has 1 gig ram (cache) 8 gig memory.  The Binge Box 2020 has 2 gig ram (3x cache) and 16 gig memory. A Video streams by first going to your processor, loaded through your cache than played through your player.  By having 3x’s the cache your video loads video and voice (30 secs vs 10 secs) prior to playing on your unit which will eliminate buffering, skipping and voice mismatch. Bottom Line bigger cache equals smoother playback.

Your unit has a H.264 video/internet processor.  Binge Box 2020 units have a H.265 video/internet processor.  A H.264 takes a stream raw from the internet runs through your cache than plays through your player.  A H.265 takes a stream raw from the internet, condenses the stream automatically, than goes through the cache than plays through your player.  Bottom line smaller stream going through bigger cache equal smoother playback. I have attached a video to explain this simply……H.264 vs H.265 Video.

Your Unit has 1 User Interface, which makes using programs like chrome and youtube sometimes difficult.  The Binge Box 2020 has a dual User Interface. The Android UI and StreamON UI. You use your android UI for apps such as youtube, chrome, play store, facebook, twitter, skype...etc.  With double the memory you never have to worry about running out of room and slowing down your unit.

Technology changes happen fast as you see in cell phones and computers.  Your unit is limited to cache, memory and video processing capabilities and will have issues going past Version 6.  Binge Box TV Units are set with the required memory, cache and video processing well into the future.

I hope this answers most of your questions.  Further questions please email support at support@bingeboxtv.com or call (888) 419-9666 ext 1.

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