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Binge Box TV, Cut the Cord and Save Money Today!

Powerful technology combines with simplicity in the Binge Box Smart TV Box. Your Binge Box Smart TV Box easily connects to your television to open up a world of home entertainment- watch what you want when you want.

The Binge Box Smart TV Box itself is a compact Android device that connects to your HDTV - no Smart TV required.  Stream the best entertainment from the best apps, straight to your TV. (pre-loaded with *Hulu, *Netflix, *Amazon Prime Video, *Sling TV, Youtube, Streamon, google play and so much more!  (*paid services if you choose)

Simply connect the Binge Box  Smart TV Box to the internet either wirelessly or via Ethernet, then to your TV set with a HDMI cable to begin enjoying high quality home entertainment through your Binge Box Smart TV Box. You will be amazed at the sheer amount of home entertainment available to you when you buy an Binge Box Smart TV Box. This truly is a powerful and practical source of home entertainment.

What makes this even better is that all of this high quality home entertainment can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home and with your own surroundings. Make your living room into your own personal cinema – even pause and resume a film if you want to get up to grab a drink. Have some friends over, or just spend some quality family time fascinated by intriguing documentaries or fixated on an animated movie marvel. The Binge Box Smart TV Box will quickly become your best friend when it comes to catching up on your favorite TV shows – choose the seasons and episodes you wish to watch at the simple touch of a button.

Here at Binge Box TV, we have put all of the hard work into making the Binge Box Smart TV Box a user friendly experience to you. Should you need any help, we have support options available via phone (888) 419-9666 ext 1 10am-6pm Mon-Fri EST and e-mail (, plus direct access for support via the website (  Use Binge Box Smart TV Box as a powerful and simple home entertainment tool, as intended. As content is streamed instead of downloading, you do not have to worry about storage space or sluggish speeds. Once you have a solid and stable internet connection, the content comes straight to your TV for you to enjoy.

Binge Box Smart TV Box also makes an ideal present. Open up a world of simple and powerful home entertainment that the whole house will enjoy.

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