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Binge Box TV Unit

What Are The Customer Support Hours and How Do I Contact?

How Do I get Around Version 7 Step #1

How do I setup my unit for the First time

How do I get my Pin Code?

How Do I Create a Google Account to Use on My Unit.

How Do I Sign In to My Google Account?

How Do I Perform the New Year Cleanse on My Unit?

When I exit V7 it takes me back to the Install Page, what do I do?

What is SmartDetect?

How Do I set My Home Screen

Can I do a Factory Reset or Delete and re-install Streamon Ver

How do I clear the cache on my Smart TV Box

How do I clear the Cached Data on Individual Apps

How do I reset my Internet Router

How do I get Updates to my Smart TV Box

How do I do Weekly or () Maintenance for trouble free viewing.

How do I remove a Program and Re Install

How do I remove pop up ads from my unit

My keyboard disappeared How Do I get it back?

How do I reset my StreamON Home Screen Apps?

How Do I Make My Mouse Pointer Larger

How Do I Slow Down My Mouse Pointer

How Do I Access StreamOn from my unit.

I get the message Failed to Check Version, Stuck on User Agreement What Do I Do?

How Do I Get sound on My Unit?

How Do I set The Time on my Unit?

Why does my unit shut off by itself?

What is your return policy?

I did not Install Version 7 by the Nov 10 2019 Deadline what do I do?

How to Use Individual Apps

Ho Do I Pick the Right Stream? Cat and Mouse - TVZion - Cinema -CyberFlix

How do I use Cache Cleaner App

How do I install and Set Proper settings in BEE TV?

How Do I Install and use Pros Team Vs Team?

How Do I Install and Get Around College Football?

How Do I Watch Live Sports in Live Net TV

How do I install TV Zion

What are the proper settings for TVZion

How Do I Exit TV Zion

How Do I Install Redbox TV app

Proper Settings for RedBox TV app

How Do I Re-Install Red Box After I get "App not installed"

CyberFlix - How do I stop notification for NEW Movies and TV Shows

What are the Proper Settings for Movie Flicks (Cyberflix)

Setting up On Air (Mobdro) for AD Free plus changing your channel selection from horizontal to vertical.

How Do I Save Favorites in Live Net TV

Proper Settings For Movie Time Cinema

How do I Remove Adult ads from Binge Watch

How do I Install USA Live TV and Radio and Use it?

Show Box Not Working! What Do I Use?

How do I use Cat and Mouse

How Do I fix the gray bars in Mobdro?

How Do I Install and Use ALL SPORTS?

How Do I Install and Use Film Fest?

How Do I Find Out What Date my TV Shows come Back On?

How Do I Know What App to Use?